What is the theme of this symposium?

A gathering of progressive thinking health care professionals, educators, political representatives and journalists from the United States and abroad, representing all sides of the sixty-year controversy over the use and misuse of benzodiazepines.

What are the objectives?

  • The following objectives will be explored:

    • Describe the evidence-based safe use of benzodiazepines in various clinical setting
    • Describe the evidence-based management of anxiety states.
    • Describe the evidence-based management of adverse reactions to benzodiazepine use.
    • Describe evidence-based approaches that can be used by health systems to improve clinical management of anxiety states, including the safe and effective use of medications.

What are TIBS-Talks?

  • Presenters will give an 8 minute TIBS Talk, outlining main points from their breakouts in front of the entire audience. This will allow all attendees to be exposed to all of the main concepts in the symposium, as well as to choose which topics they wish to hear in an expanded version.

What are some of the gaps we currently have in our knowledge of benzodiazepines?

What outcomes do we expect from TIBS?

  • Our final dialogues will feature legislators from the federal, state and county level, along with others actively involved in benzodiazepine education, in an effort to identify potential solutions at all levels.

Where can I find information about travel to Bend?

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